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Networker index backup

We are in the process of virtualise our Networker servers, current client file indexes gets backed up on the networker server that has fibre attached to one of Data Domain virtual tape device.

Once we have virtualised, there will not be direct fibre connection to the VM, how do we do the CFI backup?

Can it be done through storage node? and how do we configure index backup to desire location?

The storage nodes will remain as physical.


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Re: Networker index backup

Index backup can be sent to any storage node.

If you want to continue backup index using NetWorker server, then you can try creating AFTD or Filetype device and assign it to index pool. Backup index to file type device.

Set staging and move it to deffrent pool of tapes connected to storage node.



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Re: Networker index backup

Hi vTao,

CFI will be backed up to the NetWorker devices.

Where would you like to send the indexes to?

You can create a separate group to backup indexes to a different pool, and set the devices you want to use.

That is defined in the Administrator's Guide.

Thank you.


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Re: Networker index backup

Importantly, note that bootstrap backups must be made to a device local to the Networker server.  If there is no device you can configure an AFTD to backup the bootstrap to local disk then clone it to the storage node.

With index backups they can be backed up from Networker server to Networker storage node, you can ensure this happens by creating an index pool and setting savesets to Index and Devices to those local to the storage node you wish to use.

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