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Networker "No Error"

Morning All,

I wanted to throw this out the the community and get an opinion while support works on this. As you can see in the screenshot the backup fails "no error".  I was under the impression I could restart the backup and it would just rerun what failed. that’s not true. I just reran and the same ones failed and it’s running the whole group again. It's Networker 8.1.1.

Any insight as to what I can look for in future "no error" failures? Should I be doing something else to restart just the failed servers as opposed to the whole group?

This is definitely a vague post, but any insight would be helpful.

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Re: Networker "No Error"

First, increase your the restart window parameter on you group properties. NetWorker by design start the group even if you have selected the restart option in case the restart window is crossed. This way you woul avoid starting the backup of all the machine assigned to the respective group.

How you restart the group i.e. just restart the failed group or add the failed client to the an ADHOC group and run a special backup group is left to you. I prefer the later but some of my customer insist we follow the first method.

Running the machine in an adhoc group is also help full if you have to troubleshoot the failure and require group to be started multiple times.

Coming to the error - "no error", I have encountered this before in my environment when the machine in question gets kicked out of the domain for some reason. So, go to that server and try to restart the services, if the service stops and is not able to come up then this is likely the same issue.

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Re: Networker "No Error"

You can use “savegrp –v –c client name groupname” command. I didn’t test it long time before, but restart of failed client should be possible if you are in restart group window, which you can specify on group properties…



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Re: Networker "No Error"

Please note that the problem obviously occured in the pre-backup/probe phase, running "savefs".

Depending on the exact condition, the origin of the problem cannot be determined. The consquence is a 'no error'.

So the first step i would take is checking whether the client is listening at all (nsradmin -p nsrexec -s <clientname>).

You can also restart the client service - it might be inresponsive.

Then run a short save from the client itself.

Only if this works, it is worth to (re-)run a scheduled backup.