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Networker with DD CCR to remote DD. Moving few clients to remote DD, need advice

We are migrating a data center to a new one. The current one then will become DR.

There is two DD and networker does CCR from primary to secondary. We are planning to move the second DD to the new datacenter and start moving clients one by one per application migration schedule.

We will be building a new Networker server or we can also clone the current one.

The environment has ddboost client direct, vproxy, sap, oracle and microsoft networker clients.

Whats the best option to move the clients one by one with their data to the remote side.

Networker 9.1

DD4200 on both sides.

Can we move few clients/savesets to a particular device and then clone to it to remote side --> then once the client moves to the remote side --> move the savesets to another final volume and point the client to this new networker server(new IP - same nsr directory from primary). will scan command on the final volume detect the indexes/savesets for the client?

If not any other suggestion to move the clients one by one rather than during a full site switch?

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