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New Data Domain Systems: If You Could - Would You?

EMC customers undoubtedly caught wind of the big "Record Breaker" launch today. This includes 41 new products in the storage realm including Data Domain advances that I believe will be of interest to NetWorker users.  Have a look for yourself - http://www.emc.com/microsites/record-breaking-event/index.htm.  The entire presentation is entertaining but FYI the backup section starts at about 1:03:05.  Though not part of the launch, like Rob Schneider in an Adam Sandler film, NetWorker makes a cameo appearance .

There are two main advancements here:

- Performance and scale

- Long term archiving - with disk instead of tape

I think the first half here is pretty straightforward.  If you watch the presentation, you'll notice that in addition to the Data Domain secret sauce driving performance -- being CPU-based and leveraging variable length segment type dedupe -- DD Boost plays a big role as well.  The thing I want to point out here is that with the NetWorker 7.6 SP1 integration with DD Boost, NetWorker users have access to this level of performance.

With respect to the Data Domain Archiver solution - which also ties into DD Boost - the main message is, "You can finally eliminate tape for your long term retention."  Picture your tape vault (Iron Mountain, or similar).  We refer to this as, "Tape's last major hideout."  Because of the requirements to keep backups around for a long time (i.e., 7 years), tape has kept its significant value prop - cheap, no power required, truckable....  There are other costs tied up here however -- (Scott outlines this here).  With dedupe, automation, and fault tolerance and redundancy - it looks entirely feasible - finally - to drop tape - and still meet requirements for longer term archive - within a reasonable TCO. (Also see video)

A few questions to the community:

  • What did you think of the launch today - and specifically - what are your thoughts on the Data Domain advancements?
  • Have you implemented DD Boost w/ NetWorker?  We'd love to hear from you here on progress and findings.
  • If you could stop using tape in favor of something like DD Archiver - would you?  What would stand in your way?
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