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New capabilities of DDVE

I was wondering with the announcements of the support of DDVE in the cloud, if it is now feasible to use NetWorker native clone controlled replication from on-prem to cloud.  Are there still network restrictions that would prevent this?  Or are we still boxed into the CloudBoost solution?

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Re: New capabilities of DDVE

Key question is what acceptable latency is and what kind of latency you have between DC and cloud PoP.  I do not see much difference in that aspect between CB and DDVE (except that CB will use object storage while DDVE won't at this first stage).  I'm not sure what would be acceptable latency for DDBoost to be supported, but I guess it might be 50ms or something like that - you will need to talk directly to Dell/EMC to get that answer unless it is somewhere in the docs.

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