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Not cluster, but passive stand-by NW server......


I am looking for a configuration guide on configuring a "Single NetWorker server configured for two sites"

as mentioned on pages 32 & 33 of the "EMC NetWorker Release 8.0 SP1 Server Disaster Recovery

and Availability Best Practices Guide"

Has anyone experience doing this ?



Eivind A

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Re: Not cluster, but passive stand-by NW server......

Are you familiar with how cluster works?  So, if you do not wish to have this automated with cluster, it means you will need to execute steps that otherwise would be handled by cluster. So, as picture suggests, you would have SAN volume which could be mounted on both active and passive node (well, passive node would use replica).  In case of failure, you would rename passive node to active node, mount replica and start NW.

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