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Oracle Networker Licence

Hi guys,


I've one networker with 5 oracle Licences, can I delete one client remaining the backups and configure a new client with new backups?

If I want to restore, for some reason, the deleted client backup I'm able to do it? Or when I delete the client I'll lose the metadata/backups of this client?

Thank you

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You only need a license for new backups. A license will be used with the first backup of a client.

As long as you do not delete the save sets/the backup media, you will always be able to recover.


To release a license is a bit more complicated. Let me suggest you do the following:

  -  Run nsrls client to verify the number of entries in the client file index (CFI).

  -  Run nsrlic -v and check for the 'connected' Oracle clients

  -  Rename your file index directory for that client

  -  Run nsrim

  -  Run nsrlic -v again. You will hopefully not see the one client any longer. Worst case, restart NW.

  -  Rename the client's CFI directory to the old pathname.

  -  Run nsrls client to verify the entries.

AFAIR this should release an existing client & DB license.


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