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Oracle backups fail after moving from v8.2 to v9.1

Hi there,

I recently moved some of my oracle backups from a v8.2 NetWorker server to a v9.1.1. Since then the backups fail.

The oracle databases are running in a clustered environment. There are two physical servers where the NetWorker client and NMDA is installed (node A and node B). In the NetWorker config are three client resources. Each physical server has one for the filesystem backup (node A and node B). Then there is a third node (node C) which has the RMAN- and NMDA-path specified. The DNS entry for node C points to the active physical node.

After running a oracle backup, I get the message:

<node A>:"No save sets can be found in the NetWorker media database for this backup."

RMAN does not report any failures and completes the backup successfully.

Filesystem backups of node A and B are running fine too.

I deleted the node A and node B resources and inserted them in the alias field of node C. Then the backups completes fine. After removing the aliases again and creating the client resources for node A and node B, the backups fail again with the message above.

Then I moved back to v8.2 and the backups did finish correctly again. Backing up to the v9.1.1 NetWorker server with the v8.2 NetWorker client also fails with the same message.

Can anyone help or make a suggestion?

Thank in advance,


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