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Pre and Post command script with NMM

can we create Pre and Post command script for the SQL DB backup? where backup command will be nsrsqlsv

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@Hemmadi , It should be possible for you to do so but why such a complicated approach? o ahead and share your challenge here and I hope some one in the community can give you a better solution. 

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Hi, Thank you very much for the reply....

Requirement is to lock the sql db before sql db backup and unlock the db after backup . we need to lock as per app requirement.

I was going through the admin guide where I saw that it's mandatory to mention save in backup command. However we are taking here sql db backup so we need to mention nsrsqlsv .So, please let me know if this requirement is possible to configure in Networker







Your requirement is precisely why the post and pre-commands were made for. You can configure the SQL backups are any other SQL VDI backup in NetWorker. In the pre-command mention the script that will lock your database and in the post command mention the script that unlocks your database. If you have any more questions let us know.  

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