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Problem with NetWorker SQL client

Hello Everyone,

I'm adding a discussion here in order to see if anyone has ever seen the following behavior while trying to backup some SQL client with NMM.

Some environnement informations: NetWorker server, client and NMM version are Built 118

Description of the problem: About some weeks ago, some SQL client started hung when the backup started.  It starts doing the basic first command "savefs", but the "nsrsqlsv" command is never built and clients keep staying in the box "Currently running" of the monitoring tab of NMC showing <name of the client>:savefs

The SQL backup will never start and will be in hung state like that until the workflow is aborted manually or using a HARD LIMIT configured at the action level.

Observations: We observed that we cannot run filesystem of those client either, from NMC or from the client.  However, something very strange, SQL DBA can run the SQL backup (FULL and LOGS) and send the DATA in NetWorker infrastructure by running them using the NMM GUI from SQL client itself.

N.B: Out of 18 SQL clients, only 5 are doing this issue.

Actions taken to try and solved so far:Reboot NW server and clear "tmp" folder and "jobsdb".  Deleting client than re-creating.  Check to to make sure all SQL clients were configured the same way as others working.  Look at logs, some "nsr_peer_information" which were cleared.

If anyone has an idea, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead,


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"We observed that we cannot run filesystem of those client either, from NMC or from the client."

Honestly, if this basic task will fail, do you really expect that db backups will run successfully? - Please make the basic work correctly, first.



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@CarC8as bingo has mentioned, first you need to troubleshot the FS backup issue. The SQL issue might get resolved automatically after that.

I think this might be your windows firewall causing the issue. Do a connectivity check using the nsrrpcinfo command. As a troubleshooting step disable the firewall and try to configure backups.

For NetWorker related content -

Hello Crazyrov and Bingo,

Thank you for your comments, but i do know that if the FS backups is not working, SQL is most likely not gonna work.  The question was why

If what we learned since my first post.

Through DELL/EMC support, we noticed that the client/NMM installations had a change in installation date which differed from the original installation date per seen in "Add/Remove program", heres and exemple:

Client/Xtended Client/NMM --> Original install date = January 15th

Client/NMM --> Date installed = February 2nd

Problem is, nor the SQL team or the backup team has made any installation change on the SQL server which has the problem.

SCCM doesnt seem to be the cause.  NSRPUSH was looked at as well, but there is no repository configured on NetWorker server, so unlikely to be the cause as well.

Any thought on the matter following the informations provided ?

Thank you and have a nice day ahead,


I do not know but the regional code could be an issue - especially in a worldwide network.

For example if a host has been setup in a country which uses the date format code MM/TT/YYYY and a new app or host has been added which uses the format TT/MM/YYYY - i guess such can happen.

Just a though ....

did you perform a nsrrpinfo from the nw server towards the affected clients, as you were advised to do?

also can you connect to these clients via "nsradmin -s <clientname> -p nsrexecd" from the NW server end? It should be normally able to list the client's NSRLADB settings that way.

If both nsradmin and nsrrpcinfo are unable to connect, then it is very likely prevented by the client.

As you stated having done various things on NW server end, was the also something done on client end? For example at least restarting the NW client?

What do the filesystem backups result in? Are those also hung or do they fail?

Not nearly enough information to respond to, really...

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