Problems with EMC Networker 9.2 and Hyper-V


I am running EMC Networker 9.2 and am constantly having trouble when running Hyper-V backups.

My topology is as follows:

- storage node FC attached to DD, using DD Boost

- Hyper-V standalone cluster that I wish to back up to the SN above

Although the DD is accessible only over FC, all other Standalone Hyper-V servers have client direct and block based backups enabled.

When I try enabling Client Direct and block based backups for the my new Hyper-V server, I get the error below

Unable to perform backup for save-set ID '' with DIRECT_ACCESS=Yes, check device and pool configuration to enable Client direct

Filesystem backups run just fine with Client Direct disabled, but I am not able to make Hyper-V backups complete successfully with Client Direct enabled or disabled.

I am also certain that the policy is correctly configured and that there is end to end connectivity between client, SN and server.

Please advise.



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Re: Problems with EMC Networker 9.2 and Hyper-V

Hi Bogdanionut.badea

Silly observation but, when selecting CLient DIrect, do you select interface FC or ANY or do you have it set to "IP"?

Thank you,


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Re: Problems with EMC Networker 9.2 and Hyper-V

Hi Carlos,

Do you mean if I select DD Backup and whether I tick the FC backup or not ?

If so, no, I do not select DD Backup, nor do I tick FC. All other Hyper-V backups run fine without this.


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