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Programmatically restart workflows in Networker

Hi All,

I have an interesting issue. 


    The networker workflows are setup such as 19_00_backup, 20_00_Backup etc. And then the clients are added to these workflows all the way till 1 AM. 

I have built a code that at 2 AM will fetch all the failed clients and the workflow name from DPA. It will then identify the unique workflows.

Then I want to restart those workflows to ONLY retry the failed clients. However, I'm unable to find the rest api command to be able to restart the workflow itself. I know the command to restart client by client individually. But, I want to restart the workflow as a whole.

Reference used -

And the JSON imported in to Postman.


If any one has any idea, please please me know

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You could try with the POST to the API endpoint /protectionpolicies/{policyId}/workflows/{workflowId}/op/backup.
According to the documentation its takes a request body of structure type - PolicyWorkflowOpBackup which has an optional boolean type parameter called restart.
Refer page 110 and page 289 of the document that you had attached in your request.

P.S: I have never tried it so you might be by yourself for the testing

For NetWorker related content -


Currently there are no updated manuals anymore for using the rest api, for that one has to go to, where it states the options and also some examples of how to make the calls. It doesn't view correctly in FF as then the scroll bar is missing, no such issues in Chrome...

the workflow options:

Not a Dell employee. Just doing this to try to help out others. Sharing with the community.
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