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Remote access field


We have today a bunch of NetWorker servers and a large help desk that are supposed to be able to run restores. Generally we don't allow redirected recovers, but there are exemptions, for our Celerra filers etc. So we have a user group in NetWorker where everyone in the help desk are defined. As we don't generally allow redirected recovers, the group does not have "Remote Access All Clients". So when we need to add another employee we need to add them to the user group, and also try to remeber that they should go into the remote access field on a bunch of filers and other servers. In a future release of NetWorker I would like to be able to use the User Group in the Remote Access field instead so we could manage only the user group instead of keeping track of all remote access fields. Adding a new employee would then only have to go into the user group instead. Would that be possible?



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Re: Remote access field

Thanks RIckard, great suggestion.

We'll take a look at this and see what we can come up with to help. Let me talk to some dev folks and try to get back to you.