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Restore MS Exchange 2010 backups on MS Exchange 2013

Hi all, I hope someone can help me figure out how to solve our problem.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We are currently running Exchange 2010 standalone and it is being backup by our Networker 8.1 server  with NMM 3.0 SP2.

We will shortly migrate to Exchange 2013 DAG and will install NMM 8.2 to backup this new server with  our existing Networker server 8.1.  The Exchange 2010 server will be permanently deleted after migrating.

For compliance reasons we will eventually need to restore some of the old backups (mailboxes) we have on Exchange 2010 on our new 2013 server.

Can anyone advice how to acomplish this.

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How do you resolved this problem?


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