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SQL Backup Jobs Continue to Fail

Hi Guys ,

I'm running through continuous error of SQL backup Jobs. Just Investigated nsr daemon Log but found no useful error information on it. NMM Log flooded  with  number of undermentioned errors.

XBSA-1.0.1 rb_nmsql522.Build.23 6920 Mon Oct 21 03:57:02 2013           _nwbsa_is_retryable_error: received a retryable network error (Severity 0 Number -13): busy

My environment is Networker 8.0.1 and with the 7.6 Client.

Can anybody give me a clue with the Issue?



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Re: SQL Backup Jobs Continue to Fail

Hi Dinusha,

First I would recommend you to upgrade NW client to the same version as NW server.

Second upgrade to NMM 2.4.1, required for NW 8.0.x clients.

Then, if you are running VDI based backups (command nsrsqlsv.exe), you need to check nsrsqlsv.raw log file (render it), if you are running VSS based backups (nsrsnap_vss_save.exe) you will need to check nmm.raw file.

This looks like a connectivity issue, but that error message is too generic, so better check the nsrsqlsv.raw file.

Thank you,