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SQL Backup configuration

Hi Guys,

Everytime when we have a new SQL backup server configuration, we always need to ask DBA to manually add "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" to the sysadmin role in MSSQL Server.

nsrsqlsv: The server principal "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" is not able to access the database "Instance" under the current security context.

Is there any way we can automate this?

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@Aegh, The primary ask actually is to have a user with sysadm privileges on the SQL instance and also local admin privileges. So not using any user credentials means that you need to allow "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" this permission as the NetWorker remote execd service is running with these credentials. So what you are asking is actually outside the control perimeter of NetWorker and lays in the hands of your SQL DBA. You could ask them to add an additional step of assigning "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" as the sysadm in their process runbook. 

For NetWorker related content -

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Another possibility is to let the DB admins run an export and that you backup the files ... as usual.

Sure - this would result in extra disk space but it releases you from a bunch of other (potential) obstacles and it overcomes a fixed backup window. Incidentally, by using this method, you do not need a NMM license

Just make sure that the NW client daemon (nsrexecd) will be stopped during this period.


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