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Saveset under linux and directive

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Hi everybody,

I have to backup 40 linux clients.

My SAP admin need to backup:








My 1st question is:this saveset make sens ?

If i backup "/", i backup all datas.

Why should I backup "/boot", etc...

2nd question, i need to exclude:




where <SID>  is different on each 40 Linux clients.

How i can do that without creat 40 directives ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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Re: Saveset under linux and directive

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Wouldn't it be easier to use "All" under the saveset list, and then apply skip directives to the volumes you don't want backed up? for example:

<< /tmp >>

  skip: .?* *


Are you doing RMAN and or NMDA backups of the databases themselves?

RMAN or NMDA (or a combination of the two) will let you back up the databases, and the archive redo logs. To that end in our implementation, we add a skip directive for each logical volume on which the oracle folder exists.

It heavily depends on how your DBA's installed and configured oracle, and how you are backing up the databases.

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Re: Saveset under linux and directive

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Use save set All.  "/" in UNIX is not the same as "/" in Windows   In "/" Windows will select all ssids, while on UNIX/Linux it will select only root partition.  Save set All will select all local file systems.

As for exclude, you can use something like following:

<< /oracle >>

  +skip: *.data?

  +skip: *.data??

  +skip: *.data???

  +skip: *.dbf

<< /sapcd >>

   +skip: .?* *

I use above segment for my SAP systems and it works as designed.

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