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Scalar I500 - Move Media option is not working

Hi Guys,

I have Scalar I500 with 3TB Cartridge and tried to move the Cartridge from the Slot to Tape Drive and Tape drive to I/E Station and its not moving.

Please guide me that how to use and operate the cartridge and if any dependency require ,then please update.


Sundaramoorthi E


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Re: Scalar I500 - Move Media option is not working

What do you want to do? - using NW to do that or does the problem exist when you run the jukebox FW utilities?

But it could be that the mechanics jammed and it just blocks. In this case, a simple power reset might clear the issue because the jukebox recalibrates itself during power on. Otherwise: have a look and see what really happened.


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Re: Scalar I500 - Move Media option is not working

@Sundar107There is nothing much you can do from NetWorker to fix a hardware issue on your tape library. First check if there are any tapes already present in the IO slot, use the library console or the sjirdtag command to check the status.
If the tape is stuck then the best option is to check the tape library physically.

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