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Skip file devices on local backup server?

While continuing to try to troubleshoot VSS errors on my local 7.6.2 backup server, I found in the Windows logs the the VSS errors are being generated in reference to the local file device drives.  Each local file device is a directory on a dedicated volume (s:\LocalDiskFile01, t:\LocalDiskFile02).  Networker has placed nsr.dir files in these folders that reads

"# Don't backup ssid files
null: volume
skip: *"

However, the OS still wants to volumesnap the volume.  Does the null: volume need to be at the root of the volume rather than in the directory?

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Re: Skip file devices on local backup server?

If this is backup server (or storage node), instead of saveset All just specify savesets (drives and SYSTEM ones) you wish to protect.

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