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Start backup automatically


Many thanks in advanced

Can someone help me to perfom a backup of a client splited in 3 groups, in each group there is a differents saveset from the same client. This backups must start autmatically, that is the say, when  first group backup's is performed, the next backup of second group will    starts autmatically, etc.

Many thanks



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Re: Start backup automatically

Probably 😉   - But first of all we need to know the NW version you work with. I just alssume you run NW 8.x

In general, there are several ways to achieve the same result:

  - The easiest way would be to have 1 group with 1 client resource only and limit the group or client parallelism to 1.

       So one stream/set after the other will be created (sequentially, of course)

  - Another method is to setup the NW resource appropriately. Example:

       - Start the first group at 18:00

       - Start the next one at   19:00

       - Start the last one at    20:00

    This however, is not a conditional backup (each group will start at its scheduled time)

  - Create a script which runs the groups sequentially:

      savegrp -G group_1

      savegrp -G group_2

      savegrp -G group_3

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Re: Start backup automatically


Many thanks for your reply, and sorry for delay

The NW version is 8.2

My client is HyperV cluster with 9 nodes and CSV 25 To, on each there is

many VMs. Olds months ago, the backup is perfomed in one only group with

all nodes and all VMs (120) when the number of VMs growth (140 VMs) the

backup comes fails, so I had split the initial group in 3 groups each with

differents savesets, the 3 groups are backped correctelly without error,

but I need to start them manualy, because only NMM instance must bu run in

the same time on the cluster HyperV. How can I plan to perform backup of

these 3 groups automatically that is the say, when the backup's first

group is finished then the second group will start, etc... and with this

senario we are sure that only one instance of NMM is running on the

cluster. Can I do it with the parallelism set to 1 ?




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Re: Start backup automatically

The easiest way is to start the groups via a script, as suggested.

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