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Storage Node differences in NetWorker 9

Hi Experts

we are currently evaluating a NetWorker 9.2 installation. In the client configuration wizard it is no longer necessary to specify a storage node. We've set up Linux and Windows clients as test objects. Linux clients are backing up successfully. Windows Nodes are failing with "no matching device" error. After adding the storage node to the client resource Windows backups are successful as well.

Any idea why this happens?

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Re: Storage Node differences in NetWorker 9

I think this is due to the Policy Action Wizard, step 2: Specify the Backup Options.

Here you specify the Destination Storage Node.

By default, NW will not show you the list of all nodes - it will just display the default one (nsrserverhost).

If you change that, the backups should run fine to wherever you want to lead the save stream.