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Storage node in Win2003

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Networker 8.1

At the moment, we have 3 storage node (Win2003) and customer planned to replace these 3 storage nodes with Win2008 server. Since Monthly backup data are retained for 7 years, I would like to know on how we can transfer the data from old storage node to new storage node. (Data are being stored via DDBoost)

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Re: Storage node in Win2003

Remember that the storage node does not store any kind of meta data, all the media and index information is always on the backup server. this said for you to migrate the DD devices from the old SN to new SN's all you have to do it make a note of the device access path (from the device properties) and create a new DD device with the same access path.

NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT LABEL THIS NEW VOLUME.All you have to do is add these devices to the respective pool's selection criteria list(if any) and just mount the device.