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Strange cloning problem


I have been coning some old Exchange backups from tape to disk. I have two filedevices which are labeled to two different clone pools. All the expired savesets are cloned without problems but if saveset retention is set to forever or 5 years networker gives following error:

nsrclone: SYSTEM error: Can only clone archive data to archive clone pools.

I created the new archive clone pool and attached filedevice to it. When I started clone everything works normally.

Why those backups are treated as archive? They are normal exchange backups.


NW7.22 Jumbo server on Solaris 9 and host which have filedevices is Win2003 STD R2SP2
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Re: Strange cloning problem

It seems as your data is recognized as archived data. AFAIK, only volumes can have flag for archive and not savesets, but I could be wrong as I rarely used archives with NW.
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Re: Strange cloning problem

Check with mminfo th see whether the saveset was set with retention "forever", Networker will take "forever" saveset as archive data, which can cause this message.

If so, you can use mminfo -w "browse time" -e "retension time" -S ssid to make the saveset not archived, try the cloning again.

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Re: Strange cloning problem

Check Whether Enabling archive services for a NetWorker client?

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