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Unable to logon to Networker 9.1 NMC

For some reason  I am unable to logon to NW 9.1 NMC . We have NMC and Auth services running on a seperate server and Networker server is a separate server.  It was all working fine after installation and integrating till yesterday.

I tried restarting  nmc+auth and networker server services but still cant logon.

Are there any specific processes or a particular way I need to start these processes ?

I am getting this error "There is a problem contacting the server, nmcserver , please verify that the serer is runing"

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Re: Unable to logon to Networker 9.1 NMC

Share what errors are you getting in gstd.raw file from NMC.. Please provide OS details of your NetWorker and NMC server. I have seen this issue happening after linux server is patched to a specific kernel level.

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