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Unable to perform GLR for Hyper-V VM's

Hi All ,

I am unable to perform Granular level Recovery for Hyper -V Cluster backups .

When trying to recover any of the VM's that are backed up , i  am getting below error :

please help Anyone

Networker Server version : 9.2

NMM :9.2

Module : Hyper-V VSS backups

Selecting Granular View

Mounting virtual machine "xxx.com". Start time: 24/11/2017 16:05:58

Starting mount of VM 'xxx.com' virtual Hard Disk file '3E77CDEE-D1AC-443B-B887-5A0CF1D18066'

The following saveset IDs were found for the selected VM:

Saveset id: 2635554572,  savetime: 1511481121

Creating BBB volume...

Starting Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service...

Successfully started Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service.

BBB mount failed with error: Unable to establish the recover session.

Failed to create BBB volume on mount path ''. Terminating the mount operation.

Mounting of VM 'xxx.com' virtual Hard Disk file '3E77CDEE-D1AC-443B-B887-5A0CF1D18066' was unsuccessful.

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Re: Unable to perform GLR for Hyper-V VM's

Hi there prasad-r

Have you checked the NWFS log file, as well as the other ogs under /nsr/applogs on the client?

Also I would recommend to check both, the Application and System event logs, and the Hyper-V VMMS logs on that host.

Thank you,


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Re: Unable to perform GLR for Hyper-V VM's

Hi carlos ,

i have checked nsrnmmra under applogs , but i do not see any logs getting updated over there.

And Just for information our configuration on Hyper-V is Synthetic Full once in a month and INCR backups every day.

which will leave behind the diffrencing Disk .AVHDX on the VM's .

will there be any problem in mounting the disk for performing GLR , if the avhdx file is existing on the VM??

Thanks ,


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Re: Unable to perform GLR for Hyper-V VM's

Hello prasad-r

I get exactly the same issue as you with Networker Version 9.1.17 on the client and on Networker Server.

Did you get any answer on your question?



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