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Upgrade to 18.1


We have to upgrade from Networker 8.2.4.  We have read that Networker 9.2 support finish on Decembre 2019.

So we are thinking of upgrading to Networker 18.1 directly.  Do you recommend this upgrade?

Any recommendation for upgrade to Networker 9.2 before than upgrading to 18.1?



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Re: Upgrade to 18.1

Hi there,

check out the guide "Updating to NetWorker 18.1 from a Previous NetWorker Release Guide".

You just definitely should do a bootstrap backup before the update and follow the procedure in the release guide.

Additionally you need an update entitlement since the licensing is changing after v8.x. You get it without any cost from Dell EMC. When you are in a small environment, you might want to get an "unservered" license file.

Also latest java needs to be installed.

Good luck,


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Re: Upgrade to 18.1

If I had to choose, I would use 9.2.x right now since was released in July and there was no update since.  18.2 should hit the market this month so I would say either 9.2.x or 18.2.x.

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Re: Upgrade to 18.1

You can use command line to upgrade Ubuntu desktop or a headless server. First, open up a terminal window and run the following command to upgrade existing software. Then make sure you have update-manager-core package installed. Next, edit a configuration file using nano or your preferred command line text editor
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