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VADP proxy -upgrade to NW8.0 client leads to failure

We have a VADP proxy running running NW client v7.6.5.5 and is also a storage node. It is successfully backing up 40 VM's using NBD transport. VADP proxy is running windows 2003 (32bit) server

when I try to uprgrade the client to NW8.0 in anticipation of the networker server being upgraded to v8.1 from v7.6.5.5, all VM backups via the proxy fail with the errors:

     ALLVMFS 82963:nsrvadp_save: Failed to start vStorage API driver service.

     ALLVMFS 80998:nsrvadp_save: Failed to Initialise LibVADP Context.

on the proxy, I tried uninstalling the v7.6.5 client, then rebooting, then installing the new 8.0.3 client, and rebooting again, but that didn't make a difference. The only way to get the VM's to backup is to uninstall the 8.0.3 client on the proxy host and install the 7.6.5 client

is there an issue with the NW 8.0.3 client that conflicts with VADP that prevents it from working?

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Re: VADP proxy -upgrade to NW8.0 client leads to failure

Hi Michael,

Windows 2k3 is not supported as a storage node with Networker 8.X , Its only supported as Client Package.

You can create another VADP Proxy with Windows 2k8 & install Networker 8.X on it.

Verify Networker Software compatibilty guide for more details.


Hari Prakash.

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