VCB Disaster recovery with FULLVM image

Hello Boys & Girls.

Could anyone tell me what is the best practices to do a complete FULLVM recovery ?
By crawling this forum and looking at the scarce documentation that I have n the subject, there seems to be contradictory and/or multiple ways to do it.

Since I am still using verison 7.4.3 with VCB 1.5, I can't take avantage of the one step recovery that is available under version 7.5.1. So by I have to do it in a 2 step process.

So, What are the steps ?

Step 1: Run saveset recover in Netowrker Client on proxy server or directly form the vm client.
Step 2: What do I use next to put it back ?

Any documentation is appreciated or a link to where I can get it

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Re: VCB Disaster recovery with FULLVM image

1) on proxy
2) use either VCBrestore or VMConverter (GUI)