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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD


Did you tried restoring the save sets (/data1 , 2 and 3 etc) did it worked?

We have similar setup.

The backups are getting replicated to DR DD, and the networker server is getting replicated through Recover Point and SRM.

The major applications are getting replicated through Recover Point to maintain RPO/RTO

I have EBR at primary site and i am looking for a solution where in case of disaster and my primary site is down including Vcenter can i restore it to the other site using DR Datadomain and this EBR...

Please help if you have tested...



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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD


did you find the answer? we have the same setup and have the same question



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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

Yes i have found the solution

You can find it into new emc knowloledge sharing 2015 page 16.

In a dr environment is necessary delete with nsrmm command the primary Saveset

For more information write me


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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

Yes I got the answer that with my version it is not supported and EMC will

release a newer version, however I am not sure it have been done or not. I

have suggested customer that we use recover point for all VM failover as

they already have SRM licenses and space and bandwidth etc… etc… If you try

with latest version please let me know.

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VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

I believe it was in release notes of 8.2SP1 or something like that this is supported now.

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Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

Hi Swapnil

If you are performing the Cloning from your Primary DD to the Secondary DD (using Clone Pool @ Secondary DD) and VMWare Protection policy, then the answer is Yes, It will go to next available volume (here it is the clone poool) in case the preferred or Backup pool is not available or mounted.

Hope this helps


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Re: Re: VM restore from VBA on DR site DD

Is it necessary that the primary DD is unmounted or switch off? We try to recover from a secondary DD where we cloned the vms and it's not working. According with 8.2. SP1 vmware integration guide, it's possible to do that. They call it "resurrection":

"Restores from devices will be slow if resurrection is required. Resurrection is a type of

recovery in which the primary backup (or snapup) in the VMware Backup Appliance is no

longer available. Resurrection is not supported for VMDK-level backups, and you can only

perform resurrection when you associate a client with the policy. For Data Domain

devices, resurrection only occurs when restoring a cloned backup. For AFTD and tape

devices, resurrection requires a local Data Domain device on the NetWorker server."

We use different retentions for the primary DD (8 weeks) and the secondary (16 weeks). When the copy in the primary DD expires, and we try to make the recover from the secondary DD it doesn't work.



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