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VMware Authentication Errors with vADP and vCenter 5.1u1

We recently upgraded to vCenter 5.1u1 from 4.1u3.  The upgrade went smoothly and we now have both of our environments (Main & DR) in Linked Mode with multisite SSO.

vADP backups are completing successfully at the main site, however when the Virtual Servers group starts we receive 3 or 4 of the following warnings:

Description: <Date and Time>   Cannot Login @ <Networker Main/Proxy Server IP>

Event Type Description: A user attempted to log in with an unknown or invalid username

All services for NetWorker run under the local system account, and to me this appears that one of those services is attempting to authenticate against vCenter with non-domain or SSO credentials.  Has anyone seen this before and come to resolution?

Any assistance is appreciated as we must track any and all errors for SOX compliance - thanks!

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