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What does "RPS Clone" mean?

I recently upgraded all our servers to NW 9.1 and we've had issues with clones either not running or failing, with no useful errors. I stumbled across the setting in the Server properties to "Disable RPS Clone" and doing so appears to fix our issues. I can't find any reference to this in the documentation or support pages. Could someone please tell me what RPS Clone means?

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Re: What does "RPS Clone" mean?

RPS stands for “Recover pipe to save”. 

This is a new feature that was introduced in version 9.0

Among other things:

     - Ability to clone multiple savesets in parallel (Both for CCR and non-CCR). Clone is no longer a single thread operation.

     - Clone operation is more fault-tolerant. Ability to continue clone operation even if we fail to clone one of the savesets.

Unfortunately there are issues when using RPS, and this is why, as part of the troubleshooting and workaround,  it is suggested for RPS to be disabled.

Hope this helps...

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Re: What does "RPS Clone" mean?

I see this in the clone log for one of my jobs "RPS is not enabled but VM savesets are detected, will use RPS framework for cloning of these savesets".

I checked the server properties and RPS is definitely disabled. I presume it's not possible to disable RPS for this backup type? I have had random clone failures.

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Re: What does "RPS Clone" mean?

NetWorker 9 introduced a new cloning technology called Recover Pipe to Save (RPS).  The uses of this technology will change over the future versions, but currently this is mainly used for NVP-vProxy cloning operations. 

Therefore, for now, this should be disabled in the server properties.  NVP-vProxy cloning operations will use this technology automatically even with the 'disable' option ticked.  Having RPS cloning enabled (check box not ticked) has been seen to cause some cloning stability issues.

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Re: What does "RPS Clone" mean?

Hi there !

We had the same issues with cloning. Upgrading to and disabling RPS cloning solved most of our clones problems (but not all)


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