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When doing the incremental backup of file system the networker only writes in the data domain like backup full.

File server clustering consists of two machines: server1 and server2.

The backup is done using the virtual name of the cluster.

The servers:
S.O: WIN2012 R2
Networker: 8.2.9
Client networker: 8.2.9
DD: 5.6

As the file server is very large, with more than size 3 TB and have no space to save the DD all day the space occupied by backup full, I changed the setting to make up only one folder, but the problem continued.

When selecting a small one with 213 MB, and every time that I do the incremental backup copies 213 MB to the DD.

Already done I created a new client and new group, but it did not work.
I already added in the configuration of the client in backup command the line:
save -c client name, but the problem continued.

I already did the incremental backup force test for the group configuration, but the problem continued.


Ao fazer o backup incremental de file system o networker somente grava no data domain como backup full.

Cluster de servidor de arquivos é formados por duas máquinas: server1  e server2.

O backup é feito usando o nomevirtual do cluster.

Os servidores:
S.O: WIN2012 R2
Networker: 8.2.9
Cliente networker:8.2.9
DD: 5.6

Como o servidor de arquivos é muito grande, com mais de 3 TB de tamanho e não tenho espaço para salvar no DD todo dia o espaço ocupado pelo backup full, mudei a configuração para fazer o backup somente de uma pasta, mas o problema continuou.

Ao selecionar uma pequena com 213 MB, e toda vez que mando fazer o  backup incremental copia 213 MB para o DD.

Ja fiz criei um novo cliente e novo grupo, , mas não funcionou.
Ja adicionei na configuração do cliente em backup command a linha:
save -c nome do cliente, mas o problema continuou.

Ja fiz o teste de força o backup incremental pela configuração de grupo, mas o problema continuou.

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Re: When doing the incremental backup of file system the networker only writes in the data domain like backup full.

There are several issues which could be responsible here:

  - The cluster was not up and running when you installed the NW software. Consequently the software could detect it properly.

  - If you run a non-full, NW will in fact overrule your settings and always run a full if cannot not find any existing save set with the same name.

You should run the backup from the command line for full control:

  savegrp -v -l <level> -G group

Then compare the save sets and their associated client names by running

  mminfo -q "client=<client1>,savetime>-1days" -r "client,name,level,savetime(25),sumsize,sumflags" -ot

Repeat that for all clients in the cluster.

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