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Windows 2012 R2 Dedup and NetWorker

Is there a risk on backing up with Networker a disk that is being deduplicated by Windows?

What if NW is connected to a DataDomain?

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Re: Windows 2012 R2 Dedup and NetWorker

There is an article where they explain a possible Data loss when recovering individual files from a backed up Windows Server 2012 deduplication volume. (link to the article below)


According to the article is safe to backup Windows Deduplicated volumes if you use the following string


** For Networker 8.x

Within NMC navigate to:

Confiiguration> Clients > right click on clients>properties> Apps & Modules>Save operations box

Add the string


All Windows Server 2012 deduplication volumes will be backed up unoptimized, and will be recoverable, when this flag is set

**Also be aware of the changes in your backup after turning off the optimization, as you may face increases in the amount of data backed up.

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