backup oracle db using rman script on client

Hi everyone ,

i'm new to networker ,  i was using netbackup

i'm trying to backup oracle database using networker , when i was using netbackup it was only one policy " one work flow "

which excude rman script located on the client side , the rman script on the client contain the tree types of backup " Full - incremental - archives "

i was running full backup every Friday  , incremental daily and archive logs every 3 hours


when the backup policy run from netbackup side according to the schedule type " Weekly , Daily , archive "  it send the schedule name to  rman script which have if statement  like " If you receive Weekly , do  Full backup "

This was a good as i have only one policy for each client , and this prevent interfence  of backup's  as example when full backup running 

and take long time , when the archive log schdule comes to run and found a running full backup it will have to wait

my Question here , can i do this using networker , it was told this it might be complex task and the solution is to make  2 work flow or 3 "Full - incremental - archive "

but in this situation backup's might overlap with each other which will make's backup inconsistent

Thanks in advance 


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Re: backup oracle db using rman script on client

You can schedule Daily full backup and archive log backup every hour depends on your frequency. For this you need two client instance and two workflows in networker. Even full running, archive will run and it won't wait for full to finish.

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