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clone to tape

Hi All

I have a situation.

Exch DAG backups are saved to 1st-DD. Then that is cloned to 2nd-DD and resides in Clone pool using Nwkr clone controlled.

I need to clone from 2nd-DD to tape. So i ran a mminfo query to get just the ssid/cloneid which resides on 2nd-DD only.

Have verified all comes from 2nd-DD devices(by checking pool name,devices and ssid/cloneid) . Entered that in clone job called Clone2Tape under Clone Specific save sets (save set ID/Clone ID field). Storage node to WRITE save set: is the one that have access to 2nd DD devices and the clone device.

When the job is started, it is trying to mount the DD devices from 1st DD for clone operation. I am curious at this stage as none of the ssid/cloneid have any ref to 1st-DD. Retention is up to Sept 13 for all save sets.

Any thoughts on why Networker behaves like that when have enforced on what cloneid to pickup from? Thank you



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Re: clone to tape

Did you specify SSID/CLONEID or just SSID?

You must specify SSID/CLONEID queried from 2nd-DD instead of SSID.

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Re: Re: clone to tape

hi Tim

SSID/CLONEID...CLONEID that resides on 2nd-DD

For whatever reason it still want to load the original backup device....tried using command line too:-

80470:nsrclone: Following volumes are needed for cloning

80471:nsrclone:        DDB_IDXCL-01.RO (Regular) - 2nd DD

80471:nsrclone:        DDB_DEFCL-19.RO (Regular) - 2nd DD

80471:nsrclone:        DDB_DEF-25.RO (Regular) - 1st DD

80471:nsrclone:        DDB_DEF-27.RO (Regular) - 1st DD

5872:nsrclone: The volume(s) below already contain the requested save sets(s).

5873:nsrclone: They will not be considered as cloning targets at this time: ??



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Re: clone to tape

Query save sets on 1st DD. Does it also has the same SSID/ClONEID?

You may temporally mark the save set on 1st DD as Suspect before the clone operation.

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Re: clone to tape


You need to mark the other saveset clone id as suspect & restart the process.

To Find the respective Clone id's of a SSID

mminfo -q ssid=XXXX -r "volume,cloneid,pool,clflags"

Maksure the 2nd one is marked as not-suspect " You will see "s" in clflags when marked suspect ".

This will provide 2 cloneID's , then mark the 1st one as suspect

nsrmm -o suspect -S SSID/CLONEID

CLONEID will be obtained from the mminfo O/P.


Hari Prakash.

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