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ddboost over fc AND ip


Is anyone using ddboost over FC and over IP with the same MTree?

I'd like to use boost over FC only for a few clients, but the documentation is not clear to me:

dd integration guide:

"FC support

NetWorker supports data backup and data recovery operations to DD Boost devices over

Data Domain Fibre Channel (DFC or FC) connections, configured as a SAN, as follows:

The NetWorker storage nodes and all Client Direct clients must have FC SAN network

access to the Data Domain systems that have FC-enabled DD Boost devices"

"Converting DD Boost devices from IP to FC connectivity

After you have met the FC support requirements, you can convert existing DD Boost

devices that use Ethernet IP connections to use FC connections deployed as a SAN. No

data is lost by the conversion and full DD Boost features are retained, including Client

Direct operations for backup and restore."


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Re: ddboost over fc AND ip


This should work.  You can have the same device accessible over IP and FC.