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how to downgrade networker to 7.6.2?

Hi All,

Thanks in advance.

My question is how to downgrade networker to 7.6.2?

Recently we have upgraded networker server 7.6.2 to

We are having LTO4 quantum library.

Problem when i try to label any lto4 cartridge. it gives errors "499002 Error: Error reading volume label: Cannot use volume `KTT516L4' with incorrect volid 71504713-00000005-00147136-53147136-00011400-dc16214f"

We have tried with some different cartridge still the problem is same.

We suspect corruption in networker database.

Please help us in resolving this issue.


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Re: how to downgrade networker to 7.6.2?

It is one way ticket.  Well, you can do it, but since you asked question I assume it would take too much do this now, do then posts so just leave it.  If you wish to label it, which means get tape of scratch, you can simply delete it from media database, like nsrmm -dy KTT516L4 and that will remove volume and associated data from database.  Now you can label it via nsrjb.

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