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networker recover error using NMM on sbs2011 server


We have got a problem with our new server. It's an SBS2011 server, with Exchange 2010. We were able to configure the backup using Networker 7.6.3 and NMM 2.3, but when we try to recover, we cannot browse the savesets (there are filesystem savesets as well). So we are starting the NMM User Application and click on Recover->System Recover Session. We see the savesets, but only as network drive letters, and we cannot browse on them, so we could only recover the whole saveset. Can you help me what is wrong with it? It's perfectly working on a Windows 2003 server with the same configuration.

Thank you for your help,


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Re: networker recover error using NMM on sbs2011 server

Hi Gergo,

I am not sure if Windows Small Business Server 2011 is a supported platform for NetWorker or not , but as far as i see in the compatability guide, it is not mentioned that OS , seems that this platform is not supported. But i am still not sure, i will look for that firstly and will update you.


Ahmed Bahaa

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Re: networker recover error using NMM on sbs2011 server

Hi Gergo,

Microsoft SBS 2011 is not currently supported by NMM and I don't think there is any plan to include it under the support matrix.

So if I understood correctly, when you select the File System recovery session you can indeed browse, what happens then when you select Exchange recovery session, do you get any message at all or simply there is nothing there?

Ensure that all savesets are browsable. This include the following savesets:

APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010


C:\Program Files.....\file.xml

If any of these savesets is not available you won't be able to browse.

Also, are you starting the GUI as Administrator? Has that user all the required permissions on Exchange? Have you run NMM Config Checker? If you didn't run config checker please do and check the output.

Have you looked into the Application, System and Exchange event logs?

Thank you.


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