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not backed up to server entries networker


I am trying to restore a backup of my library and when selecting the date on which this content you need the following error occurs to me, 'not backed up to server entries networker``.

I appreciate any collaboration and confrontation.

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Re: not backed up to server entries networker

This might be error related to data on tape/device. Verify if the saveset is complete.

Run scanner on the device/tape (scanner -iv <device>), see if there is any error reported in scanner output. If there is no error, retry restore.

Use command line restore using recover command.

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Re: not backed up to server entries networker

I assume that you have a localized text translated by an automatic translator. This does not improve the scenario as it obviously scrambles the error message as well. In fact, the exact message does not seem to be valid. The most obvious error is that NW does not have (any more) a (browsable) backup of this point-in-time.

If so you have one of these possibilities:

  - choose a different but a valid browse time

  - or you scan the save set to make it 'browseable' again

  - or select a save set for the recovery. In this case you cannot browse through the file index but restore the save set to a temp directory where you can select your files later.

There are even other possible Scenarios but to receive more detailed help it would be good to know the OS, the NW version and what type of backup you need to restore.

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Re: not backed up to server entries networker

Identify the saveset that you are trying to restore.


1) On backup server, run: mminfo -avot -q ssid=<data ssid> -r savetime,sumflags,ssretent

     savetime - gives the time of backup

     sumflags- will show the state of backup, represented by two letters, generally as cb or cr or cE ; where brE stands for browsable,recoverable and Expired respectively. If you see an 'a' it means that the backup was aborted and thus you wont be able to restore that data as it is incomplete/failed.

2) If the saveset returns as cr then run: scanner -ivv -S <SSID> <Device path>

     If the saveset returns as cE then run: nsrmm -o notrecyclable -S <SSID> and then attempt saveset recovery or run scanner again.

3) You can also try to generate the indexes for the client itself by running the command as: nsrck -L7 clientname

     However this command is time consuming and it will generate all the indexes for this client again, thus increasing the size on the /nsr/index/clientname folder.

GUI way:

Go to the 'Media' tab on NMC.

Select 'Savesets' from the navigation tree on the left-hand side.

Fill in the query details, such as client name, saveset name, date range

Click on 'Show savesets' tab, it will give all the relevant information on the data backed up. Once done, use the CLI commands as described above.

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