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Hello everyone,

I'm running out of space on /nwr

Nsrjobdb is almost empty, so are the logs.

However I've found that /nsr/cores/nsrjobd is quite big (13G out of 20G of fs) in this case.

I was wondering if it is save to shut down networker service, move this file to another partition, and let networker recreate it during service start.

Version of networker on which I'm working is NetWorker Commercial Edition/20;

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

Yes it is safe to rename nsrjobdb and delete it once networker restart creates new one . Just stop networker services > rename nsrjobdb > move it other directory . You could also delete files under /nsr/cores .

Start networker services.


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Re: /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

Hi ,

Core file will not get created so often and only during issues it might get created . Its safe to delete all the core files without a networker restart however if you have the time window to do a clean restart for the cleanup then i suggest to proceed the same by stopping networker,cleaning up all the contents of /nsr/tmp/* and then delete all the core files under /nsr/cores/nsrjobd/* and start networker after 15 mins ...
The version is so old and i suggest to go with latest 8.2.4.X version which has so many fixes that will help to improve the stability and also rule out the core files in future ...

Best Regards


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Re: /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

Hello Karthiks,

Thanks for ur prompt response.

It worked like a charm.

I’m about to upgrade this Networker, I’m struggling with roadmaps tho, not sure where shall I look for them.

Are there any straight roadmaps or I shall always look at each release „Software requirments”?

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Re: /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

Hello ,

Since you are still going to upgrade in same 8.2. family i think it is not going to be a big deal however for databases alone its always safe to check the compatibility using the online compatibility matrix ,

See below


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Re: /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

You can delete the contents of /nsr/cores/nsrjobd without stopping NetWorker.

Before you do, please take a look at the files and their last mod dates using:

     ls -ltr /nsr/cores/nsrjobd

This will display in chronological order.  This will help you see how frequent these files are being created. Any files that are created before today can definitely be removed.  Any files that are created today tells you that the core file happened today.

The same applies to any other subdirectory under /nsr/cores.  To see what else is taking up space, use du command.  For example:

     du -sh /nsr/*

     du -sh /nsr/cores/*

/nsr/index/*... these sub directories will take up a lot more space since there is a record for every file that is still browsable.  You might consider moving some or all of this to a different partition.