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nsrclone: ddcl_open failed for read

nsrclone: ddcl_open failed for read on host DataDomain_NIC: Opening the file /NeworkerServer/DD_device/35/59/39aab787-00000006-9b065275-4f065fds' failed ([5004] nothing matched.

Couldn't open save set file on DataDomain.

Rob, our brave EMC consultant has deleted the info in Networker TMP dir on backu server and

deleted backup media, file index entries

ran scanner -im /devicename

Might be time to log a bug with EMC

This didn't solve the problem.  trashing the data got around the problem. But this won't work once we go live.

Anyone else seen this problem?

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Re: nsrclone: ddcl_open failed for read


Have a look at this thread to see if your issue is the same as this one:



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