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Re: nsrd taking 45 mins to start

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I have the same issue and have EMC case too   But I do not use for sure.

What I have found is following (using on HPUX and Solaris - two different environments). I will focus on env I babysit (HPUX one).

I did an update from to and I noticed while starting nsrexecd that it hangs and wait forever.  Well, not forever, but until I hit ctrl+c.  Truss shows that nsrexecd is trying to establish communication with nsrd on server (actually on hosts listed in /nsr/res/servers) and since server is not up at that moment it just hangs until I guess it hits some sort of RPC timeout.  Removing /nsr/res/servers (or making it empty) or making sure nsrd is already running will address this issue.  Same I have seen few days before I did my upgrade in separate datazone based on Solaris - running nsrexecd on storage node will fail (well, run for 45 minutes or so) if nsrd on server is not running. 

Yesterday I did an upgrade to and I can confirm that issue is not present in that version.  Not sure about 7.6.0.latest or 7.6SP1.  It is issue with NW code for sure.

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