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nsrtage command on Windows Backup Server


I used this command in my previous Linux backup server to manually stage savesets from disk to tapes, but somehow it is not working on Windows 2012 Networker server. Can you please help me out with the correct syntax/parameters.

nsrstage -b 'Clone Pool' -m -S -f ssid.txt

Thanks in advance

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Re: nsrtage command on Windows Backup Server

I would use the maiin 'qualifier' first : nsrstage -m -b 'Clone Pool' -S -f ssid.txt

In fact, it is time to replace nsrstage with nsrclone as nsrstage is about to retire. nsrclone can stage as well.

Also be aware that if you have clones you better use SSID along with the CLONEID.

Otherwise the result will only be one remaining instance. So you lose redundancy.

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Re: nsrtage command on Windows Backup Server


have you tried the nsrstage command in cmd oder powershell in windows ...?

I have noticed that some strange things happens in windows if I start networker command in the blue windows powershell.

So i preferd the "old" cmd shell.


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