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nsrvddk version change


I'll like to know if anyone would have an idea as how to change the VDDK files version on a VADP proxy.  The VDDK version 5.5.5 fix this issues that i look like to have with a VCenter running version 5.5 U3D.

  • Assert failure when getting NFC ticket during multiple VM backups.  Before opening a virtual disk, the VMware libraries log into vCenter Server and acquire an NFC ticket. When multiple backup applications run on one host, or when one backup application simultanously backs up multiple virtual machines, the VMware libraries apparently have timer-related issues. An assertion failure when getting an NFC ticket causes the application to crash. The fix was to insert a negligible timeout before getting the NFC ticket.

I can run the package for version 5.5.5, it seems to change the driver and recreate the service, but the file in the plugin folder of NetWorker installation doesn't seem to change.

Any inputs would be helpful,

Thank you,

Christian Carrier

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Re: nsrvddk version change

Most likely support needs to provide rollout instructions in this case.

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