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querying jobs in emc networker 8.2

Hi guyz, need help to query the job sessions. how can i query the job sessions including job failures,start time,end time and queuing from command line.

I just used "jobquery" , But the output is not provide much info also it requires time to filter the necessary details.

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Re: querying jobs in emc networker 8.2

The issue is that the user interface to the jobsdb works like nsradmin nit like mminfo.

IMHO, it is time to change that. Especially because you now have a SQLite DB where you can apply SQL commands.

With respect to the start/stop-time:

   You can get this info via mminfo - of course for existing save sets (finished save jobs) only.

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Re: querying jobs in emc networker 8.2

with regards to the media database using SQLite, this is true starting with NetWorker and with 9.0

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