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@webmaster: Please correct/improve your upload filter. Very funny ;-)

Hello, when adding my last post comment, I received this reject message: The message body contains "s t r e a m i n g" which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post. In this case I used 'tape in motion' as a repaclement. As you can see, I have inserted a space between each character, hoping to avoid the rejection. Very funny if you use 's t r e a m i n g tape drives' aka 's t r e a m e r s' which are commonly used in a backup scenario.
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Re: @webmaster: Please correct/improve your upload filter. Very funny ;-)

@webmaster  should correct many other things.

For example community notification mails are sent using a nonexisting domain ( and therefore blocked by many spam filters.

Also, I am still looking how to use my own avatar in the community. The help pages write something about uploading a picture to your gallery and then being able to select it in the account settings.

But honestly, I believe they give a **bleep** about all this. They probably just have a community because all the others have one and don't want to stand out by not having one. The loving touch definitely is not there.

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