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2700 series vlan tagging mixed with other switches

I have a mix of switches, and not all support VLANS


Do all the swiches need to support VLANS in order to even deploy VLANS ?? IOW, Will non-VLAN-capable switches pass along vlan tags ?? Also, do all the switches need to be the same vendor to support VLANS ?

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Re: 2700 series vlan tagging mixed with other switches


The concept there is very simple: if you have managed switch (which is usually supports VLANs) you can do everything you want no matter what vendor have made it. Of course, vendors may use distinct names for similar features, but it's not an issue.

Will non-VLAN-capable switch pass along vlan tags? It's not an easy question. Most likely, simple switch won't recognize 802.1Q frame and will discard this frame because of checksum control fail. However, if switch uses cut-through switching, it won't check frame integrity and just pass it. Your end device which knows nothing about 802.1Q will discard it anyway, though.

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