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2716 Switch keeps reseting

I have a 2716 switch that has a strange issue.

I can get the switch to the managed mode and log into it but if I go into the VLan settings or download it resets back to the login screen.

Is there a way to boot to TFTP  image or something to put a clean system on the device.??

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Re: 2716 Switch keeps reseting

Re-flashing the firmware is good idea. Here is the link to the latest version.

However you will need to flash the firmware through the web GUI. I would try a few things to see if the switch behavior changes at all.

Remove any browser Tool Bar

Disable firewall

Disable Antivirus

Try a different browser, if using IE try Firefox, if using Firefox try IE or Chrome.

If there are multiple 27xx switches on the network in managed mode, and they are all still on default IP address there can be connectivity issues.

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