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6248 VLAN shutdown

I am migrating one VLAN from one site to another and I am looking for the best way to shutdown one of the VLAN's on our 6248 switch. I'd rather not delete the VLAN  if I don't have to in case we need to backout of our change.



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Re: 6248 VLAN shutdown

I’m not aware of any way to shutdown a VLAN like you would an interface port.  Here is a display of the command options from VLAN Database config


exit                     To exit from the mode.

help                     Display help for various special keys.

ip                       Configure IP parameters.

ipv6                     Configure IPv6 parameters.

protocol                 Configure the Protocols associated with particular Group Ids.

vlan                     Create a new VLAN or delete an existing VLAN.

To delete the VLAN you would run:

Console(config)# vlan database

console(config-vlan)# no vlan <vlan id>

Any ports that are configured as an access port for that same VLAN would no longer be connected and would need to reconfigured to a VLAN that is currently in use on the switch.

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