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6248P HELP! VLANs with MultipleRoutes (ip route vlan CISCO Command Missing?)

Hello all

First I would like to thank everyone in advance for help on this topic. I am struggling with a configuration on a Dell 6248P switch. I have the configuration working for the most part. In this config I have eight (8) VLANs configured and five (5) of them can route; two (2) of the five (5) will use the SAME gateway. Let's call that gateway b.b.b.b and the two VLANs 30 and 50

This is accomplished by:

prompt(config)# ip route b.b.b.b (b.b.b.b = a valid gateway router)

all works fine here! No problems

THE ISSUE IS my other three (3) VLANs. Let's call those VLAN 100,200,300.
these need a different route to their physical routers. Now this is easily accomplished using CISCO gear. The following commands would have me off to the races:

prompt(config)# ip route vlan100 x.x.x.x then
prompt(config)# ip route vlan200 y.y.y.y then
prompt(config)# ip route vlan300 z.z.z.z done...

I am not sure why in the world DELL OEM's and rebrands a Cisco Switch and needs different or missing IOS command... Was Dell too cheap to pay Cisco the full royalty amount? Seriously.

Bottom line is what the equivalent Dell switch command if there is one to accomplish what the Cisco IP ROUTE VLAN command accomplishes?

Thank you so much for any and all help!

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RE: 6248P HELP! VLANs with MultipleRoutes (ip route vlan CISCO Command Missing?)

Instead of specifying a VLAN you will need to use the IP address/subnet associated with the specific VLAN.



VLAN 100=

VLAN 200=

VLAN 300=


Then the routes would look like this


prompt(config)# ip route x.x.x.x

prompt(config)# ip route y.y.y.y

prompt(config)# ip route z.z.z.z


Hope this info helps

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